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You’re already in the room, but would you like to go ‘back stage?’ Glenn & Amber would like to invite you to join them as a special VIP for your Home Flipping Workshop. If you’re hungry to succeed in real estate, this is is for you.

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VIP Session with Glenn & Amber

A Bonus Session Reserved for VIPs Only

Your journey to success begins in precisely the same place as it did for Glenn and Amber: the launch pad of the first home flip. Yet, you possess an extraordinary edge that they never had: the privilege to connect with seasoned real estate investors who have successfully flipped more than 1,100 homes, accumulating over $100 million.

You’ll be blown away by the material covered and education delivered in Home Flipping Workshop…

Your exclusive consultation with Glenn & Amber is set to be a turning point, a milestone in your journey that you will, one day, look back on and proudly declare, “It was that pivotal meeting where everything fell into place for me.”

$497 Total Value


Priority Meetings and Zero Wait Times

Home Flipping Workshop builds in opportunities to connect with personal real estate investing advisors to answer your questions.

As a VIP member, you head to the front of the line.

These Real Estate Investing Advisory Meetings put you face-to-face with pros who can answer your questions, help complete the financial picture, and give you insight into building your Home Flipping Business Plan.

$97 Total Value


Personal On-boarding and Direct Access to Home Flipping Workshop Staff

As a VIP, your Home Flipping Workshop experience begins on Thursday with your Personal Ambassador for a Private On-boarding meeting. 

During this call, your ambassador will walk you through what to expect during the event, answer any questions you have, and what will be covered in the material.

Throughout the event, you’ll be able to connect with your Ambassador to ask follow-up questions or get clarity and additional information on any of the content presented.

In the end, your ambassador resolves questions, clarifies expectations, and eliminates distractions so you can focus on learning the material and planning your course of action.

$197 Total Value


Home Flipping Coaching Session

30-Minute Mapping Meeting

Home Flipping Workshop is a tidal wave of information. When it’s over, you will have two primary challenges:

When you become a VIP, both concerns are handled during your bonus Home Flipping Coaching Session. Our advisors work with hundreds of men and women to help them create practical next steps based on their own personal goals.

It is the first challenge in your Home Flipping Journey, and as a VIP, you’ve already got your solution ready to go!

$197 Total Value

Two Additional Bonuses

We’re serious about making the VIP experience worth it to you.


Digital Copy of G&A New Book, RE-ACTION

You deserve a chance to live in financial freedom! We have discovered the pathway to make that freedom a reality and we want to share it with you!

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Custom VIP Virtual Background During HFW

Standout from the crowd with your own customized Home Flipping Workshop VIP Virtual Background. We’ll help you get it setup so you’re ready to show up on day 1.

$29 Total Value


Physical Copy of G&A's First Published Book

When Glenn & Amber realized what they had stumbled on, they put it all in their first book… and you get a physical copy of “The Birth of the Everyday Real Estate Investor.”

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When We Say VIP, We Mean It!

We want to know who our VIPs are! If you’re hungry, committed to making real estate investing work for you, and ready to work hard to create real wealth, let us know by becoming a VIP.

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